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6 Proven Strategies to Create a Professional Website Design for General Contractors That Attracts Clients and Generates Leads

As a general contractor, you know that having a professional website is essential to growing your business. But with so many website design options out there, it can be tough to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips for professional website design for general contractors. Whether you’re looking for a simple website or something more elaborate, these tips will help you create a site that’s perfect for your business. So read on and get started on building the perfect online presence for your contracting business!

Professional Website Design for General Contractors Tip #1: Define your purpose – what do you want your website to achieve for your business?

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A website can be a powerful marketing tool for general contractors. It’s an opportunity to showcase your work and demonstrate the quality of your services to prospective clients. However, before you can start creating your website, it’s important to understand the purpose of your website and what you want it to achieve for your business. Let’s explore how you can define that purpose and create an effective website.

Creating a Strategy

Before you get started on designing your site, take some time to think about what you want it to accomplish. What is the primary goal of the website? Do you want to bring in more home building or remodeling leads? Do you want people to book appointments with you? Or do you simply want people to learn more about your services? Knowing what actions you would like visitors to take when they are on your website will help ensure that everything is working together towards achieving those goals.

Define Your Audience

Once you have determined what the purpose of your website is, consider who will be visiting it. Who is the target audience for the site? Are they homeowners looking for home improvement projects or commercial developers looking for construction projects? Understanding who will be accessing the site will help determine how best to design it so that it appeals to that specific audience.

Once you are clear on its intended purpose and audience, then your website can truly become an effective tool for driving visibility, leads and success for your general contracting business. It’s essential to ensure that your general contractor website reflects your intended messages explicitly through its design.

General Contractor Website Tip #2: Keep it simple – too much clutter will turn visitors away

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Another key tip for building a contractor website that looks professional and makes a lasting impression on visitors is to keep it simple – too much clutter, such as excessive menus, graphics and images, will distract viewers and discourage them from staying on your site. A streamlined layout with tasteful visuals can be just as effective in conveying information while keeping the visitor engaged in your services. Cleaner designs with short, easy-to-follow webpages are more intuitive and typically perform better than flashy sites when viewed on mobile phones or tablets. Taking this extra step to create a pleasant browsing experience is one sure way to retain visitors after they click on your link.

Website Design for General Contractors Tip #3: Make it easy to navigate – use clear menus and labels

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Professional website design should not only look great but also be easy to navigate and use. One way to ensure that your audience can quickly find the content they need is by using clear menus and labels. Let’s discuss why this is important for general contractors.

Use Clear Menus To Help with Navigation

When designing your website, make sure it is user-friendly. This means taking into consideration how someone would navigate through the site if they were unfamiliar with it. Using clear menus makes navigation easier for users because they know exactly where they will be directed when clicking on an item in the menu list. Additionally, having multiple levels of menus allows visitors to drill down into more specific information about services or locations served without having to search for too long on a page.

The Importance of Clearly Labeling Content

Labels provide context to what’s contained within each page of your website. When people visit your site they should know exactly what they are looking at before even clicking on a link or scrolling down the page; this helps them decide whether or not that section holds relevant information for them which reduces their time spent searching for it. Additionally, using labels helps with SEO optimization since you can use targeted keywords that appear in searches related to your industry or services offered by making them visible on pages and posts throughout your site easily found by Google’s indexing bots.

Using clear menus and labels are critical components of professional website design for general contractors as they help improve navigation and give context to what’s contained within each web page while optimizing SEO performance too. All these factors put together make it simpler for potential customers to access information quickly; resulting in increased customer satisfaction while driving more traffic and conversions to your business’s website as well!

General Contractor Website Tip #4: Use strong visuals – images and videos are worth a thousand words

contractor web design tip #4

You know that visuals are essential when it comes to showcasing your work. But when it comes to the website design for a general contrator’s website, photos and videos can be even more powerful tools. Strong visuals on your website can quickly capture the attention of visitors and draw them in, giving potential clients an immediate impression of your business. Here’s why you should invest in high quality visuals when designing a website for a contracting business.

The Significance of Quality Visuals

When someone visits your website, the visuals they encounter will make an instant impression upon them. High quality images that showcase your work will leave a positive impact on visitors and establish a level of trust with potential clients. Investing in excellent quality visuals could be the difference between acquiring a potentially lucrative contract and having your portfolio pass by unseen.

Using Videos on Your Website

Videos can provide an even greater level of detail than photos alone by allowing visitors to get up close and personal with your work. Videos also give viewers an immediate sense of what it would be like to work with you as a contractor, which is invaluable for gaining new business. Additionally, videos can be used to provide tutorials or demonstrations about various aspects of homebuilding or home remodeling that may be of interest to potential customers.

Incorporating Text into Your Visuals

Photos and videos should never stand alone when it comes to professional website design for general contractors; text should always accompany strong visuals in order to convey information effectively. Incorporating text into your visuals helps to ensure that all important information is communicated clearly and accurately while also avoiding a cluttered appearance on the page. This gives any potential client all the information they need in one place without overwhelming them with too much content at once.

A photo or video can quickly capture the attention of a visitor and draw them into your website. Photos help to showcase your work in a way that words on the page cannot, while videos can display an even greater level of detail. Be sure that all images and videos represent your business in a positive manner as these will be what every potential client sees first. Investing in excellent quality visuals could be the difference between acquiring a potentially lucrative contract and having your portfolio pass by unseen.

Professional Website Design for General Contractors Tip #5: Use calls to action – tell visitors what you want them to do next

professional web design for contractors tip 5

Another key to success is utilizing calls to action on your website in order to drive more traffic to your website and increase contractor leads. Let’s explore why calls to action are important and how you can incorporate them into your website design.

What Are Calls To Action?

Calls to action (CTAs) are elements of web design that prompt visitors to take further action. This could be anything from filling out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter, or scheduling an appointment. The purpose of CTAs is simply to encourage users to go from being just casual visitors to become customers or leads. Without CTAs, potential customers may not know what the next step should be when visiting your website—and this could lead them wandering off before they even get the chance of learning about all the services you offer.

Including Strategic CTAs

When it comes down to it, including calls-to-action on your website isn’t just about telling people what you want them do; it’s also about making sure they understand what they should do next in order to get the most out of their visit. You need CTAs that are strategically placed throughout your pages so that visitors have no doubt as too which steps they should take once they land on your page. Try adding buttons with easy-to-understand text such as “Get A Quote” or “Schedule An Appointment” so that visitors know exactly where they need click next in order for their needs/questions answered by you!

The Power Of Visual Cues

When adding calls-to-action onto your website, remember that visuals cues are important too! Your CTA buttons should stand out from the rest of the page design and include colors and fonts that draw attention without being too overwhelming or distracting from other information on the page. Additionally, make sure that each CTA button has clear copywriting – something that clearly states what will happen when clicked (e.g., “Call Now For A Free Consultation”). This way, users will immediately understand what will happen when clicking on a button and hopefully this will lead them towards taking further action with you!

Don’t let potential customers wander off before taking any action! Incorporating visual cues along with clear copywriting can help ensure that visitors know exactly what steps they should take next and why those steps matter – leading them one step closer towards becoming loyal customers! Make sure CTAs are strategically included throughout your pages so that everyone knows exactly how best to contact you for all their homebuilding needs!

Professional General Contractor Website Designs Tip # 6: Optimize for search engines – use the right keywords so people can find you online

website design for general contractor tip 6

When it comes to building a successful online presence and getting found by potential customers, optimizing your website for search engines with the right keywords is critical. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps ensure people searching for general contractors in their area are able to find you on the first page of results. Let’s take a look at how you can get started with SEO.

Research Keywords

The first step of any successful SEO campaign is researching relevant keywords related to your services. This involves selecting terms that not only relate to your business, but are also highly relevant, competitive, and popular. Once you have identified some suitable keywords, refine them based on the criteria outlined above so that they accurately reflect what users will be searching for when looking for your services.

Add Content

Now that you have identified the best keywords for your website, it’s time to add them into titles, headings and content throughout your pages. These keywords should be used strategically as part of sentences rather than simply added in as a list; this helps make sure they remain readable and natural-sounding while still being effective. Depending on the size of your website, this could take anywhere from a few hours to several days of work – but it’s an important step in increasing visibility and getting found by potential customers.

Monitor Performance & Adjustments

Once all the content has been optimized with relevant keywords, don’t forget to regularly review their performance and adjust them as needed. This includes monitoring search engine rankings over time as well as tracking page visits from organic searches (those individual users make when using search engines). This will help determine which pages are being visited most often and which ones need more attention in order to optimize visibility even further. Additionally, new trends may emerge over time which will require additional research into new keyword opportunities or changes in existing ones.

Making sure all these steps are taken correctly takes extra effort and time – but it’s worth it if it means more people can find you online and become potential customers! Taking the extra steps necessary to properly optimize websites with SEO may seem daunting at first – but if done correctly can lead to increased visibility online and tangible results!


You can have the best website in the world, but if it doesn’t achieve your business goals, then what’s the point? That’s why the first step in creating an effective general contractor website is to define your purpose. Once you know what you want your site to do for your business, you can move on to other important factors like design and SEO. Keep it simple, use strong visuals, make it easy to navigate, and use calls to action so visitors know what they should do next. And finally, don’t forget about search engine optimization – use the right keywords so people can find you online. With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a website that will help grow your business.

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your contracting business and create a website that stands out from the competition, look no further than Home Builder Reach. We specialize in building custom websites tailored to the unique needs of the home building business. Our team of contractor marketing experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the best possible website that not only looks great but also functions perfectly. Contact us today and let’s start building something amazing together!



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