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Guide to Make Your Service Areas Clear on Your Home Improvement Business Website

Guide to Make Your Service Areas Clear on Your Home Improvement Business Website

When your small business offers services or products to specific geographic areas, it is important to ensure that your website’s SEO is set up correctly to be found in search results for these specific areas. Home improvement businesses are a good example of this as they are usually limited in the geographic areas they serve. A good on page strategy for local seo includes setting up your service areas. This guide will focus on ways to make your service areas clear on your home improvement business website.

Create Pages on Your Website for Individual Towns and Communities

Since many home improvement businesses are limited in the geographic areas they serve, creating individual pages on your website for specific towns or communities within the radius served will help your business show up as a top hit in search results. As we mention often, SEO is essential to show up at the top of search results for any business. For home improvement websites, optimization for geographic locations is key to have a successful web presence in your service region. If you create pages on your home improvement website highlighting specific towns and communities your business serves, it will increase your chances of connecting with the right customers. Location-based searches are very popular as people want to find services or products that are near their geographic location. Especially for a home improvement or other service-centered business people will search for businesses in a specific area vs in general as they do not want to see results of businesses that are not nearby their location.

How to Create Town and Community Focused Pages for Your Home Improvement Business Website

  • Determine the towns and community your home improvement business serves
  • Narrow down the list of towns and communities. This is especially important if you find there are several small towns that could be grouped together.
  • Create content focused around the services you provide to each of these communities and towns
  • Set up a page on your website titled for each of the individual towns and add in the content created above

Create Blog Content on Your Website for Individual Towns and Communities

Having a blog on your home improvement business website is a great way to continually add fresh content to your website, which will help with SEO. Blogging is a way to provide website visitors with educational and informative information about your business, specific location, and your industry. Although writing blog posts may be a slower way to increase SEO, it is still relevant to help your website rank for certain keywords over time. For home improvement business websites, having blog posts that focus on individual towns and communities in the region they serve is another way to increase search rankings for their service in their targeted markets.

Tips to Write Blog Posts on Your Home Improvement Business Website Tailored to Specific Towns and Communities

  • Determine the towns and communities within your business’s service region
  • Incorporate the names of individual towns and communities into general knowledge posts. For example, you may do a post about the Top 5 Home Improvement Tips in Specific Town. You can easily use this initial post as inspiration for creating similar posts for each of the towns and communities within your service area.
  • Find upcoming events in the communities you serve and create blog posts for them. It is great if you choose events that would give benefit to your customers or you can incorporate your home improvement services into the post naturally.

For home improvement businesses, making your service areas clear on your website is key to ensuring your business ranks at the top of search results for your specific targeted market. If you need help optimizing your home improvement business website for local SEO, contact us today.



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