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Google Local Services Ads: How to Generate More Leads for Your Service-Oriented Business 

Google Local Services Ads: How to Generate More Leads for Your Service-Oriented Business 

You should consider using Local Services Ads if you operate a home service business. Previously known as Home Services Ads, they are designed specifically for service-oriented businesses like home remodeling companies, home improvement professionals, and contractors. You can create Local Services Ads on Google. Unlike other ads, though, they don’t use a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mile (CPM) payment model. Google’s Local Services Ads use a cost-per-lead (CPL) payment model, meaning you’ll only pay for leads.

What Are Local Services Ads?

Local Services Ads are text ads for service-oriented businesses that appear at the top of Google for relevant local searches. They outrank all other ads and organic listings. When users search for services offered by local businesses, Google may display a set of Local Services Ads at the top. Desktop users will see no more than Local Services Ads, whereas mobile users will see no more than two Local Services Ads.

While other text ads on Google point to websites, Local Services Ads point to special business listings. Your business will have its own listing if you use Local Services Ads. Google will generate this listing automatically using your specified information. Users who click your Local Services Ads will be taken to this listing, where they can call your business, message your business, or schedule an appointment.

With their CPL payment model, you’ll only pay for leads when using Local Services Ads. You can set up Local Services Ads to generate leads in the form of calls, messages or appointments. You’ll only be charged for leads regardless of how many impressions or clicks they generate.

Check Eligibility

Local Services Ads aren’t available for all businesses. Instead, they are only available for service-oriented local businesses that operate in certain industries. Eligible industries include child care, carpet cleaning, electricians, flooring, landscaping companies, plumbers, tax services, tree services, and more.

To see if your business is eligible for Local Services Ads, complete the signup form at ads.google.com/localservices/signup/eligibility. You’ll need to enter the country, state, and ZIP associated with your business’s service area, and you’ll need to select the industry in which your business operates.

Enter Business Details

Assuming your business is eligible, you’ll be taken to a business details page. It has about a dozen fields. Google will use the details you enter to generate the listing for your Local Service Ads.

There are a few optional fields on the business details page. You don’t have to enter an address for the website field, for instance, nor do you have to enter a business registration name. You can skip optional fields such as these.

Select Service Types

You’ll need to select the types of services your business offers. Local Services Ads, of course, are designed for service-oriented businesses. If your business primarily sells services, as opposed to products, it will likely be eligible for Local Services Ads.

Select all the services your business offers on the service types page. The available service types will vary depending on your business’s industry. Landscaping businesses, for example, will see a different list of available service types than tax service businesses.

Select Business Hours

The Local Services Ad setup process will ask for your business’s hours of operation. After selecting your business’s service types, you’ll be taken to a business hours page. The business hours page features a slider for each day of the week, which you can toggle to specify whether your business is open or closed.

You’ll have to select an opening and closing time for each day of the week that you specify as your business’s being open. Go through the business hours page while selecting opening and closing times. When finished, click the “Next” button to see what your Local Services Ads will look like.

Preview Your Local Services Ads

Now that Google knows all of the necessary information, it can generate Local Services Ads for your business. The ad preview page will feature an example of a Local Services Ad. Google will use the information from the setup process to generate Local Services Ads for your home contractor business.

If any of the information in the example is incorrect, you can fix it by going back to the appropriate page. Clicking the “Back” button will return you to the previous page in the Local Services Ads page. Once you’ve corrected the problematic field, you can proceed to the ad preview page to complete the setup.

Pass the Screening Process

You’ll need to pass a screening process to use Local Services Ads. The screening process consists of multiple steps. You’ll have to submit proof of insurance and undergo a background check. Your business will receive a badge if it passes the screening process.

There are two types of badges for Local Services Ads: Google Screened and Google Guaranteed. While they both require screening, the Google Guaranteed indicates a money-back guarantee for customers. Customers who buy a service from your business but aren’t satisfied with the results can seek reimbursement of up to $2,000 from Google.

Completing the Setup of Your Local Services Ads

Your Local Service Ads should almost be ready. After submitting proof of insurance and initiating a background check — you don’t have to wait for Google to process these screening steps — you’ll need to set a budget.

Budgets are calculated automatically based on the number of leads you want to generate. The more leads you want to generate, your estimated budget will be higher. You can start with a low number of leads while gradually increasing your desired lead count as your business’s marketing budget permits.

Keep in mind that Local Service Ads aren’t managed directly in Google Ads. Google has a separate dashboard for them. You can manage Local Services Ads at ads.google.com/local-services-ads. For other types of Google-targeted ads, you can use Google Ads.

Once your Service Ads are set up and running, you will want to optimize and improve their performance continuously. This can be done through tracking data, monitoring things like click-through rates and conversion rates, and making adjustments as necessary based on what you learn. Additionally, you may want to experiment with different targeting options or message copy to see what works best for your business. Ultimately, the key to success with Local Services Ads is providing excellent and consistent service to your customers, so be sure to focus on delivering high-quality results at all times.

If you still need help setting up or optimizing your Local Services Ads, there are many resources available to help you. You can consult with a contractor marketing consultant or agency who will have expertise and experience in this area or reach out directly to Google for support. As Local Services Ads become more widely used by businesses of all types, understanding how they work and how to effectively use them as part of your local SEO strategy is essential for success in today’s digital marketing landscape.



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