Contractor Marketing: 5 Simple Ways to Get More Remodeling Leads From Your Website

Contractor Marketing: 5 Simple Ways to Get More Remodeling Leads From Your Website

Attracting new clients to your contracting business isn’t as simple as creating a few business cards or a website. If you don’t have a basic knowledge of SEO, website design trends, and contractor marketing techniques, you may not be getting the most home remodeling leads out of your website.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can lure potential clients to your site and continue to grow your business. By entrusting your online presence to a team of expert web designers, you could ensure that your contracting site continues to engage and entice homeowners and homebuyers for decades to come.

Let’s jump into some of the simplest ways to get more leads on your home improvement website.

1. Update Your Site’s Design

First impressions are tremendously crucial to lead-generating websites’ success. A website that is difficult to navigate may struggle to engage visitors, communicate vital information, or build a feeling of trust. Poorly designed company websites can be extremely off-putting to potential clients.

Consequently, it’s essential to ensure that your site is as flawless and alluring as possible. Still, your ability to beautify and streamline your contracting service website depends on a few variables. Some of the things you’ll need to consider include:


  • The number of customization options and pre-built templates your preferred site hosting platform offers.
  • Your current skill level with HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Affinity Designer, and basic programming languages.
  • The amount of time you’re willing to personally invest in creating or upgrading your website.


Often, it’s far faster, easier, and even more affordable to invest in a web designer than to tackle the challenges of revamping a website yourself. Web designers re-design and create new looks for sites on a daily or weekly basis.

They have the skills to handle your contracting business’s unique virtual demands. It may be helpful to look for a team of professional web designers with experience working on custom home builder website design and creation. Some web designers may also be well-versed in SEO.

Those that are might offer SEO optimization services that can help your website become more noticeable and popular. Rather than showing up last (or not at all) on search engines, your site could rise in the ranks with a few well-placed keywords.

2. Optimize Your SEO

Have you heard of Local SEO? If not, your website is likely floundering when it could be flourishing. SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Using Google My Business and Local SEO tools, you could significantly increase the traffic your website experiences, thereby increasing your chances of attracting and securing clients.

Still, understanding and mastering SEO is no easy feat. SEO standards and algorithms tend to change relatively often, and keeping up with the information that’s constantly coming out concerning SEO optimization can be a chore.

Fortunately, many graphic designers and web designers have the skills and expertise to help you improve your site’s SEO. They may even be able to help you improve your SEO skills while explaining the changes they’ve made to your pages or social media accounts.

3. Make It Mobile

Having an attractive, well-written, and well-designed website may not be enough if it’s not mobile-friendly. A staggering 81% of Americans own smartphones, and a decent proportion of that percentage browse the internet with their phones. If your website is awkward to view and explore on a phone, you’re losing potential clients with every touch and tap.

Fortunately, making your website mobile-friendly doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and it isn’t fantastically complicated. All it takes is a keen eye for web design and a great deal of patience—After all, you may need to essentially build your website from scratch all over again.

Of course, if you hire a team of professional website designers, they could produce a site that is accessible on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. This might save you a lot of time and irritation over the long-run.

Another essential step is creating a Google My Business listing. GMB listings are crucial for attracting local clients, especially, and can help consolidate your company’s information across every online platform.

4. Create an Unforgettable Logo

Once you’ve achieved a handsome, streamlined website with excellent SEO optimization and exceptional device compatibility, there’s nowhere to go but up. For many businesses, this might mean reinvesting in the brand and logo. In some cases, this also means reinventing the company’s look, mission statement, and overall aesthetic.

If you’ve been struggling to come up with an impactful logo that reflects your business’s attitudes and standards, designers could help. Graphic designers of all types are skilled in translating written or spoken ideas into visual images. They can certainly help you with logo design and editing.

5. Integrate Social Media

If you haven’t already created a business account on the handful of popular social media platforms to help build your contracting business’s online presence, then you’re missing out on quite a lot of free press and marketing. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram could help boost your visibility and your profits.

You may not feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough to set-up these types of social media accounts. Alternatively, maybe you’ve created the accounts but you’re struggling to maintain them, understand them, and utilize them properly. There are quite a few pitfalls you may stumble into if you attempt to blindly tackle social media.

It may be worthwhile to invest in social media marketing services to help your business experience the best possible chance of success on these massively popular platforms. Additionally, having a third party handle your social media advertising could help reduce the amount of time you spend tending to these accounts.

Final Thoughts

Improving your home improvement website could be as easy as updating its design, optimizing your SEO, and ensuring its mobile compatibility. Having a unique logo and integrating your current online presence with popular social media outlets is also key. Still, if you’re not familiar with contractor marketing techniques, tips, and tricks, you may want to do some research.

But rather than attempting to complete all of these nuanced upgrades yourself, you could also entrust your website to a team of experienced web design professionals. Doing so may save you time, energy, and a ton of frustration. After all, building a strong and inviting home is very different from building an appealing and functional website.

When it comes to construction, home maintenance, and other home improvement services, you expect your clients to leave things to the professionals. Why not let your website become stronger and more effective by leaving it in the hands of professional web designers—They’re bound to be only a call or email away.




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