Benefits of LOCAL SEO For Remodeling Contractors

Do you want customers to see your website first when they search for a home remodeling contractor in their city? If the answer is yes, you need to start considering how your local SEO influences your business and how you can improve it.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the technique online marketers use to get websites and search results on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In years gone by, this used to be fairly simple, pick a keyword like “bathroom remodeler in Raleigh” and try to fit it into the piece of content you were writing as many times as possible.

These days, it’s much harder to rank top of the SERP, but that just means that the lower-value competition isn’t getting there, giving you a perfect opportunity to sweep in and gain traffic.

Without a good SEO strategy, your website and your business won’t be performing as well as it could be, and you might be losing out on valuable traffic. Having a good SEO strategy is one thing, but it’s not so helpful if you’re being found by potential customers who are nowhere near your business.

That’s why you need to concentrate on local SEO by tailoring your content and your strategy, to pick up local traffic rather than just generalized traffic.

Having fantastic content on your site is a given, and you should always aim to be providing useful and engaging content for your visitors. Still, if you are particularly looking to get visitors (and potential customers or leads) from the local area, there are a few extra things you can and should do, both on-page and off-page, to increase your local search engine rankings.

The Benefits of Local SEO for Remodeling Contractors

Are you still not convinced that local SEO is something your remodeling company needs to invest in? We’ve listed some of the benefits of local SEO specifically for you, and if you need to ask any questions, feel free to give the team at Home Builder Reach a call.

Local SEO Reduces Advertising Costs

This is a huge benefit to remodeling companies like yours. Investing in good local SEO will reduce your advertising costs. If you’ve spent thousands of dollars advertising in local magazines, maybe doing leaflet drops, getting a billboard and even considering a radio ad, you’ll know how hard it is to track conversions.

With improved local SEO, your potential customers are coming to you because they’re looking for you. When someone hears a radio ad in the car, they’re likely to forget by the time they get home. Still, if you’re appearing on the top of your local search results, you know they are specifically looking for you and your business, meaning you can quit some of the expensive advertising that isn’t doing anything for you.

Local Search is Easily Trackable

Coming on the back of a benefit in cost reduction for advertising, investing in local SEO means more local people will see your business, and you can track that very easily.

The benefits of this are incredible for your remodeling business! Your business will become the go-to name for local people, being recommended by locals too, and you can measure the number of new customers or leads you get, so you’ll always know how well your local SEO work is working.

Great for Local Branding

There’s a very famous phrase in sales, “people buy people”. The basic premise is that, no matter how flashy your advertising is, or how many deals you wave around, people will only buy from you, sign up with you, or hire you if they like you, and that can be a really hard thing to get right.

When you invest in local SEO, your company name, your branding, your logo, your staff, everything about you is now on display. This is great for local branding, especially for remodeling companies.

Just imagine a local person driving past a house and seeing your logo on a scaffolding board, they go home and search for remodeling companies near them, and boom, your logo pops up again! They’ve already seen your logo, so it’s already familiar, and they are more likely to be a warm lead rather than a cold one.

Of course, you could then go further with retargeting ads and callbacks, but this is just the start of a fantastic branding journey you can take your company on.

Google Loves Local Businesses

local maps search


While there are many many other benefits to investing in local SEO for remodeling contractor businesses, the sheer fact that Google loves local searches and local results has to be the top one!

Google is the world’s most used search engine and has a mission to be as helpful as possible and provide their users with the most relevant results for them, exactly what they are after every time. That can be hard, especially when users aren’t always explicit with their search terms, but that’s where Google is getting clever.

Google understands that when a user searches “remodeling companies” they probably looking for a local remodeling contractor to work with, rather than the history of remodeling companies. That’s why Google is a search engine and not an encyclopedia!

You’ll notice that when you search for remodeling companies, you’ll be greeted with the map view of local businesses depending on your location (and, as most searches are now done on mobile, the user’s location is usually known to Google), so it pays to invest in local SEO to be among them.

It’s not just as easy as claiming your pin on Google Maps though. Google is looking for Effective, Authoritative, and Trustworthy (EAT) compliant sites and businesses. If you are investing in proper local SEO you will be more likely to have a presence in local directories, local groups, your Google My Business page will be up to date with your hours and location, you’ll be updating it regularly, and your website will be geo-targeted using on-page techniques.

All of this boosts your local SEO, and Google loves local SEO!

Are You Ready to Increase Your Local Visibility?

As a small business owner, you need to concentrate your efforts on running your business. You can trust Triad Web Design Service as your online marketing partner. We provide contractor marketing services and digital marketing for small businesses, including home remodeling and custom home building companies. Contact us today to get started!



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