8 HomeBuilder Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Online Leads

Ninety two percent of small businesses believe that creating a website is an effective digital marketing strategy. As a homebuilder, you can use digital marketing to attract new clients and get hired for more projects. Here are eight effective home builder marketing tips to help grow your business.

Have an Easy to Navigate Website

Having a professional-looking website is one of the most important things you can do. As a home builder, your website needs to reflect your work. It needs to be clean, easy to read, easy to navigate, and good looking.

Make sure to include plenty of white space on your website. Too much text or large blocks of text only serve to confuse and disorient online readers.

Your menu should also be simple and easy to figure out. Don’t stuff it with too many options. Instead, make sure your most important pages are clearly displayed.

Have a Beautiful Gallery

You need to showcase real, beautiful examples of your work. Create a separate page that showcases different homes you have built and how they look, both from the outside and from the inside. A video tour of some of the homes you have built is also a good idea. Consider creating a short slideshow showcasing your absolute best work on your homepage.

Include Testimonials

You want to include not just visual images of projects you have completed, but also testimonials from your customers. When you have satisfied customers, ask them if they would be willing to write or record a testimonial for your website. Customer testimonials are actually the most effective form of content.

Set Up a Blog

Blogging is the best way to get organic search engine traffic. Blog content that is informative and interesting will also give you an authority in the home building industry. Visitors will be more likely to respect you and follow through on your call-to-actions. Many will come back again to see new content updates that you have put out.

Have a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Eighty one percent of small and medium-sized businesses are already on social media. Are you lagging behind? If you want to stay ahead of your competition and attract new clients, you need to set up social media profiles. At the very least, your homebuilder marketing plan should include having a profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms for home builders, as they allow you to showcase visual images of your work.

Have an Email Marketing Strategy

You should also set up an email newsletter list. Doing so is easy; there are many plugins that let you collect email addresses on your website. Mailchimp offers a free email marketing account. Send out newsletters with updates about new trends in the home building industry, company updates, and useful tips.

Have a Paid Marketing Strategy

If your budget allows, you should test out paid online marketing campaigns. A good paid online advertising campaign can bring in a great ROI. There are many platforms you can advertise on, including Google Adwords, Youtube, and Facebook. Facebook in particular lets you target very specific demographics. This is very useful for home builders – for example, you can target people who recently got engaged or married, earn over a certain amount per year, or have shown interest in building a new home.

Target the Right Keywords

Doing keyword research is important both for organic SEO content and paid search engine marketing. You can use a keyword tool to help you find good keywords. You should aim to use keywords that get a decent number of monthly searches but still have a low competition. Long-tail keywords are great for this.


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