Software for Success: The Builder’s Guide to Selecting the Right Tools

Software for Success: The Builder’s Guide to Selecting the Right Tools

The construction industry is becoming increasingly reliant on technology to streamline processes, improve communication, and boost productivity. With an ever-expanding selection of software available, it can be challenging to determine which options are best suited for your specific needs. This comprehensive guide will explore the top software solutions for general contractors, remodelers, and builders, highlighting their key features, pricing, and benefits. Whether you’re a large-scale general contractor or a small remodeling business, this guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right software for your operations.


1. Cedreo – 3D Architectural Design Software

Best for: Home builders, designers, and remodelers looking for an industrial or residential design software

Cedreo is a powerful 3D architectural design software that enables professionals of various levels and skill sets to create fully furnished home designs with realistic renderings. Users can upload existing 2D plans or design new plans using the intuitive interface. Cedreo’s unique feature is the ability to display your plans in 3D as you draw in 2D.

Cedreo’s extensive library of furniture, materials, and textures allows you to complete your designs quickly and accurately. As a cloud-based software solution, Cedreo can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser and internet connection, making it one of the most accessible general contractor tools available.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Minimal learning curve
  • Quick creation of 2D and 3D plans and renderings
  • Supports full home design in under 2 hours
  • Easily download plans and renderings
  • Show clients projected completed projects with realistic visuals


Pricing: Cedreo offers scalable pricing plans to suit various budgets. Check out their plans here. However, you can start by trying their free version today.


2. Procore – Construction Project Management Software

Best for: Project management, financial management, property developers, project managers, and architects

Procore has built an outstanding reputation in construction project management with its robust suite of features, including quality and safety management, building information modeling (BIM) capabilities, and design functions. Procore allows construction companies to manage multiple projects, subcontractors, clients, and resources from a single platform, keeping everyone on the same page.

According to Procore, 75% of construction project managers who use their software reduce project timelines by at least three days. Procore’s app marketplace offers over 150 integrations with other construction solutions, making it highly versatile and customizable to your specific needs.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Real-time platform communication
  • Financial management extensions
  • Unlimited users, data, documents, and photos


Pricing: Pricing is available upon consultation with Procore.


3. Sage 100 Contractor – All-in-One Business Management Software

Best for: Small to midsize general contractors, all-in-one business management

Sage 100 Contractor is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline every aspect of your construction business, including estimating, scheduling, project management, payroll, equipment management, and accounting. With a dedicated network of providers and integrations with popular tools like Xero and QuickBooks, Sage 100 Contractor offers a seamless transition for your business.

This all-in-one solution provides general contractors with accurate job costing, efficient estimating, and the ability to manage subcontractors and suppliers, making it an ideal choice for small to midsize businesses.


Key features for general contractors:

  • General contractor estimating software tools
  • Subcontractor/supplier discussion tracking
  • Extensive expert and reseller network
  • Automated documentation alerts


Pricing: Pricing is available upon consultation with Sage.


4. STACK – Estimating and Takeoff Software

Best for: Estimating

STACK is a leading estimating software solution for general contractors in the pre-construction phase. It helps construction professionals find profitable projects, win more bids, and collaborate with subcontractors, suppliers, and clients. STACK’s cloud-based platform makes it easy to manage multiple projects, track progress, and communicate with team members.

With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with both Mac and PC, STACK is an excellent choice for construction professionals looking to improve their estimating process and win more bids.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Unlimited takeoffs with paid subscription
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Mac and PC compatible



  • 7-day trial: Free
  • Single estimators: $1,999/year
  • Precon teams: $4,999/year
  • Customized option prices upon consultation


5. Buildertrend – Construction Management Software

Best for: CRM, bid requests, and project management

Buildertrend is a comprehensive construction management software designed to help contractors manage their projects from start to finish. With its recent acquisition of CoConstruct, Buildertrend has expanded its range of features, making it an even more powerful tool for general contractors.

Buildertrend assigns each customer their own account manager to provide customized support and training, ensuring a smooth transition to the platform. The software integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Xero and QuickBooks, making it easy to manage your financials alongside your construction projects.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Tool integration
  • Scheduling and timesheets
  • Customer management
  • Bid request and change orders
  • Project management



  • Core Plan: 99/month for the first two months)
  • Pro Plan: 349/month for the first two months)


6. PENTA – Construction Management Software

Best for: Accounting, job costing, and financial management

PENTA is a comprehensive construction management software solution designed for busy professionals who need to manage multiple projects at once. PENTA’s platform allows you to easily import or export financial information, simplifying your job costing process and integrating with your existing payroll tools.

PENTA’s time and billing module provides detailed payroll reports, offering insight into project performance and helping to ensure efficient staff hour allocation. With its user-friendly interface and built-in project reports, PENTA is an excellent choice for managing your construction projects’ financial aspects.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Tool integration
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Data integration between modules
  • Built-in project reports
  • User-friendly


Pricing: Pricing is available upon consultation with PENTA.


7. SmartUse – Document Management Software

Best for: Document management and change orders

SmartUse is a powerful document management software designed to help general contractors stay on top of project details, centralize hyperlinks, and streamline communication. With its word searchability and side-by-side viewing capabilities, SmartUse makes it easy to manage and share documents, photos, and project updates in real-time.

SmartUse’s “single source of truth” approach ensures that all project information is stored in one centralized location, reducing confusion and miscommunication among team members.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Intelligent document management
  • As-built drawings
  • Word searchability
  • Collaboration tools


Pricing: Pricing is available upon consultation with SmartUse.


8. eSUB Subcontractor Software – Subcontractor Management

Best for: Managing subcontractors

eSUB Subcontractor Software is a cloud-based solution designed to help general contractors standardize project management procedures and manage day-to-day operations. This versatile platform allows you to easily manage multiple projects, track labor, and communicate with subcontractors on a single platform.

Built-in accountability features help general contractors navigate risks and track important information. With eSUB, you can stay on top of your workload in real-time and ensure that every project runs smoothly from start to finish.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Cloud-based software
  • Automatically tracks labor
  • Two-way subcontractor communication


Pricing: Pricing is available upon consultation with eSUB.


9. Fieldwire – Jobsite Coordination Software

Best for: Jobsite coordination

Fieldwire is a jobsite coordination software designed to help construction professionals optimize their project management and communication. Fieldwire allows you to organize, assign, and schedule tasks using a Kanban priority, Gantt chart, or calendar view, tracking progress from any device.

With Fieldwire, you can create and share documents and photos, communicate in real-time, and generate reports automatically. Fieldwire also supports walk-throughs and inspections, ensuring that every step of your project goes as planned.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Real-time messaging
  • Instant insights and reports
  • Issue tracking for quick inspections and walk-throughs



  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $29/user/month
  • Business: $49/user/month
  • Premier: $89/user/month


10. Autodesk Construction Cloud – Large Project Management Software

Best for: Large projects

Autodesk Construction Cloud is a powerful construction management platform designed to accelerate the build phase of your projects. By providing a single, centralized platform for all project information, Autodesk Construction Cloud enables evidence-based decision-making and helps to mitigate costs, improve quality, and increase safety.

With its standardized and centralized data collection from design through operations, Autodesk Construction Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for managing large-scale construction projects.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Centralized communication
  • Document management
  • Site progress monitoring


Pricing: Pricing is available upon consultation with Autodesk.


11. PlanGrid – Document Management and Blueprint Software

Best for: Document management and blueprints

PlanGrid is a user-friendly mobile app that allows contractors, designers, and project managers to collaborate on a central platform, accessing blueprints, shop drawings, and progress photos from any device. With PlanGrid, you can markup and make amendments to plans in the field, attaching notes and photos as needed.

PlanGrid’s comprehensive reporting features make it easy to hand over projects to clients, ensuring a smooth transition from construction to operation.


Key features for general contractors:

  • Hyperlink documents
  • Overlay blueprints to identify changes
  • Easy handover through comprehensive reports
  • Pin problems to locations


Pricing: Pricing is available upon consultation with PlanGrid.


Conclusion: Which Software Is Right for Your Business?

Selecting the right software for your general contracting, remodeling, or building business depends on your specific needs and goals. This guide has provided an overview of the top software solutions available, offering a range of features, pricing options, and benefits to suit businesses of all sizes.

By considering the key features, ease of use, customer support, pricing, and customer reviews of each software option, you can make an informed decision about which solution is best for your business. With the right software in place, you can streamline your processes, improve communication, boost productivity, and ultimately grow your business.



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